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COVID-19 Protocol

At Linda’s Lice Out, keeping your family healthy is exactly what we do every day. We follow CDC safety standards against COVID and follow strict disinfection procedures to ensure a sanitized & secure visit.

Linda’s Lice Out

Professional experience you can trust. Peace of mind, restored.

Linda Lopez founded Linda’s Lice Out with one goal: help families eliminate head lice quickly, privately and for good. With more than 15 years of experience, I bring my extensive knowledge and personal care to every service. Our lice free guarantee is our commitment to providing the best pesticide-free treatment & customer experience for all our clients. I’m here to help get your family back to back to normal. Let me show you how! 

Lice & Nit Removal Process

Linda’s Lice Out uses 100% natural, pesticide free products. Our organic essential oil blend, combined with thorough combing with a specialized nit comb, soothes itchy scalps and safely & effectively removes lice, super lice and nits in one comfortable visit.


A complete screening is necessary to confirm an infestation, and everyone in the home must be screened. We offer free screening with a service if lice or nits are found. One female louse lays 4 to 6 eggs (nits) daily. Nits take 7 days to hatch and are adults in another 7 days. Don't delay in getting our professional help.


Stops further spread immediately with natural removal. Our 100% organic, pesticide free proprietary oil blend treats the infestation & dead lice and nits are removed with proven traditional combing. Together with our essential oils, combing is both safe & effective.

Quality Check

After treatment, an inspection is performed to ensure every last louse and nit are removed. The final review to declare you lice free.

Follow Up

Follow-up check needs to be completed in 3 to 5 days following the initial treatment.

Linda’s Lice Out 30-day Guarantee Guidelines

Our guarantee requires a follow up lice check WITHIN 3 to 5 days following the initial treatment. This follow up check must be performed in order for the 30 day guarantee to be honored. NO EXCEPTIONS! Follow up price is $30.00 dollars.
All initial checks must be completed within the first 24 hours of performing the initial head lice treatment. If all family members are not checked, and treated if necessary by Lindas’s Lice Out within the first 24 hours, then the guarantee is void. Guarantee only applies to those treated. NO EXCEPTIONS.
If head lice are discovered at anytime during the 30 days guarantee, save what you find, so you don’t paid $30 dollars per check, if you bring evidence of lice, clients will be treated it for free, otherwise it’s $30 dollars There must be evidence of head lice in order for the guarantee to apply. Guidelines will be the same for an original treatment including required checking and treating all family members if necessary. NO EXCEPTIONS. Rechecks for family members are paid checks.

I love what I do, because I do it with love and purpose.


Why Choose Linda’s Lice Out?

Linda’s Lice Out gets the job right the first time! As much as we love helping our clients, we hope to only see them once.

Drugstore treatments and prescription shampoos contain harsh chemicals that are ineffective against nits (eggs), super lice and often common lice. We offer a 100% effective treatment that is pesticide free, safe & physician recommended.

Our guaranteed process saves your time, money and the headache of reinfestation.

We are the most affordable lice removal and treatment service in Oregon!

Our Promise

We guarantee our treatment because we know our efficient & straightforward method simply works. Our dual protein base & essential oil treatment plus combing process is safe for kids of all ages, pregnant women & seniors. Hear how our relieved & lice free customers feel.

We know the enemy


Head lice live only on human hair and survive by sucking blood from the scalp. While very common and can affect anyone, infestations most often occur in school aged children. Head lice are easily spread by close contact, but do not spread disease. Head lice are not a serious problem but can be a challenge to remove if not done properly.

What causes lice?

Head lice are tiny brown insects, roughly the size of a sesame seed at around 3 millimeters long. They lay their eggs (nits) at the base of hair follicles, which hatch after 7 days. In as little as 2 weeks, they are mature adults, able to reproduce and spread an infestation.     Female lice live around 35 days, and in that time may lay more than 100 eggs. Exclusive to human scalps, lice are not passed to or from animals. Furthermore, lice neither fly, nor jump,  but rather use their 6 legs to cling tightly to hairs. Lice are not hardy creatures and die after just a few days away from a human scalp.   Head lice infestations are ubiquitous and can affect anyone. Having them is unrelated to hair type, style, nor is it a sign of uncleanliness or poverty. Usually passed by head-to-head contact, lice simply walk or fall from one head to another. Thus outbreaks most often occur in schools, daycares, and anywhere children work or play closely together.

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Jack Sehres
Jack Sehres
Very nice and informative!
Zoie Yetley
Zoie Yetley
SO NICE and informative! She made me feel so comfortable and was so thorough. Thank you so much!
Lindsey Dority
Lindsey Dority
Linda is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and thorough with her de-lousing business! I totally and completely recommend her as highly as possible. She got our whole family in quickly and followed up with us, so the lice will not return. She understands how frustrating this problem is. She got so many nits and lice that I missed!! Thank you, Linda! You saved our family so much TIME and LAUNDRY!!
Savannah Coon
Savannah Coon
I came to Linda after my lice came back after I tried to remove it myself. She made me feel so comfortable & eliminated any embarrassment I had! I don't have kids, so she helped me identify what the issue might be & had me schedule a follow up so we can confirm they didn't infest. All her products smell amazing & felt much better than the harsh chemical products I used the first time I tried to get them out. She is knowledgeable & experienced & a really affordable choice!
Austin Green
Austin Green
Linda is excellent! She grew up removing lice for friends in Honduras and found out it is a profession in America! She is extremely informative and friendly. Her room is very cozy. A shockingly pleasant experience given the unfortunate circumstance!
Orlando Conde Lemoine
Orlando Conde Lemoine
Muy profesional y alta calidad humana. Servicio garantizado...
James Bloom
James Bloom
Linda did a great job! Honest and reasonably priced.
The best Technician you could find for this service, Linda is knowledgeable, caring and answers all your questions without reserving information about this specific problem. I Strongly recommend her, and trust me, you’ll do the same after you are served by her.


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