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How are head lice transmitted?

Oh no, how did I get head lice?

How are head lice transmitted?

First and foremost, relax and don’t panic! This is not your fault. While head lice are a nuisance, they are also entirely curable with proper treatment and follow through. And rest assured, we here at Linda’s Lice Out know exactly how to get your and your family back to your lice free life.

Head lice are generally spread through direct head-to-head contact with an infested person. While transmission by sharing bedding or clothing, such as headwear, is technically possible, it is far, far less common. This is due to the fact that lice die quickly without their host to keep them warm and fed.

The causes of head lice infestations are not related to cleanliness, hair type or style, poverty, race, or gender. Neither hair length, how often it is washed, nor how often the hair is brushed affect the risk of infection. Longer hair may logically seem well suited to harbor more lice, however lice live close to the scalp for feeding and warmth, hence hair length is inconsequential to them. 

Curly or straight, textured or not, head lice possess specially adapted hooked feet to cling tightly to hair shafts. Any and all hair types and styles are susceptible to transmission. One only needs to be in sufficiently close physical contact with an infected person long enough for a single female louse to cross over and begin laying eggs (nits). 

The best defense against transmission is a head check by an experienced professional followed by prompt treatment of any confirmed infection and strict adherence to eradication protocols throughout the home for the recommended duration.  

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